Longing Peace

Sadness has hit me
I feel like I have been torn
Limb from limb
Stressed to no extent
I just don’t know
How long this is going to go on for
I hope this ends
I’m praying it does soon


Unanswered Wishes

There are some people I wish I’d never met
Not because I regret it
But because they’ve affected me
In worse ways than they can imagine


Pleasant Hours

Laughs filled the air
Just the five of us in a tiny car
Some making noises that couldn’t be described
Good vibes between us
Knowing each other for the longest time
We didn’t care what difficulties came in the upcoming week
Because we’d have the same fun when we saw each other
We were on the nearly empty highway
A truck passing us
A young kid in a BMW pushing my car to the max
Just driving to our next destination
Without a worry in the world
Living right in the moment
Just how it should be


Lasting Regrets

If I were to die
Within the next hour
Would you miss me
Or be happy for me
Would you regret not talking to me
Or be glad you didn’t
Would you grieve for three days
Or forget about me in one
Would you fulfill my dreams
Or just leave them be
Would you forgive me
Or would you still hold on


Vigorous Trials

I saw the competition I was going up against
They were jumping like kangaroos
High and proud
I was standing at a measly 5’10”
The shortest, youngest player there
Ready, hearing the count of the opponents
The opening pull had commenced
The disc slowly drifted towards us
Falling sharply to the left
The handler snatched it
I met his eyes as I cut downfield
Wide open
Ready for my glory
He launched the disc towards me
Beautifully flowing in the air
I can almost see myself seize it
Then the object curved in the wind
I had to turn directions if I wanted it
My right knee buckled under the stress of my jerk
My other foot slipped on hard ice
Suddenly blindsided by the immense body of a semi pro
I slide across the turf
Burning my body with every black granule
Pain fills me as I’m slow to get up
“All over again…”
I think to myself



I jolt up
It’s 6:00 in the morning
Did I have a nightmare?
I can’t recall my delusion
I end up sitting in bed for 10 minutes
Deciding between getting up or going back to sleep
6:10 am
I stumble to the bathroom
Too dazed to think
Too asleep to open my eyes
I put water on my face and my whole body
Performing wudhu
My eyes wide open, I set the prayer rug down
6:15 am
I start my obligation
Fighting my dreams from disturbing my peace
Going fast, then slowing down
Thinking through my words carefully as I say them
Feeling content with myself
I greet the Angels on my shoulders as I finish
Grabbing the Quran with my right
Opening the holy book
Struggling with getting though some pages
Reading words carefully, trying to understand the meaning
Trying to make myself better with every word
I slowly close the book
I finally feel at peace


Shaded Thoughts

Driving back home
Drowning out my sorrow
In a large coffee
Listening to music for the first time in a long time
I’m driving blacked out
Not focusing on what passes and what I’m doing
Just steering where the path takes me
One hand on the wheel
One on my lap
My eyes look like a person that just woke up
Eyelids slowly drooping over
Hood over my frizzled hair
Radio turned to the max
Just to block out my thoughts
Speed limit says 30
But my speedometer says 75
Roads curved dangerously
Running though the woods
Dead trees hang over
Any minute they could fall, I was wishing one actually would
Street corners covered in ice
Houses protruded from the forest at points
Other streets to other houses
Like a big tree branching out
But only one way there, one way out
Cars are whizzing by
No ones in front of me
Or behind
It’s just the lonely road
My coffee
And the loud music banging my drums
But I’m still driving blacked out
Just following the path they’ve made for me